Wilderness Survival Course
Wilderness Survival Course


Wilderness Survival Course Wilderness Survival Course

Learn Survival In The Wild with our Survival Course

As an adventurer, you'll want to explore remote locations. Woodland Ways offers a range of wilderness survival course to help you prepare and plan expeditions. Our wilderness survival courses is a pre-expedition training course which focuses on the core skills of wilderness living, field medicine, vehicle maintenance and operation.

The Wilderness Survival Courses covers various topics depending on which course you choose, they can including communications, group shelters and crisis management, wildlife hazards and various other necessities, vehicle driving, maintenance and choice and care. The Wilderness Survival Course is delivered in a number of different ways:

You may choose for your Wilderness Survival Course to look at our 4x4 Voyager course, which gives you experience of off road driving, vehicle choice and care, basics survival skills and navigation work. If first aid is of concern you could during your Wilderness Survival Courses qualify as a Remote Emergency Care 1st aider, which includes incident management, aswell as treatment. Or if you want to go the whole mile on your Wilderness Survival Course then join us for our completely unique 11 day Desert Survival Training programme in the Moroccon Sahara.

The Wilderness Survival Courses includes 4X4 Off-road driving skills training. The Wilderness Survival Course will give you the opportunity to experience the Land Rover Defenders off-road capabilities with hands-on driving.

Woodland Ways has designed the survival course to address many obvious possibilities as well as unexpected emergencies. Once completing all the modules of the Wilderness Survival Course, you will have a fundamental survival skills set with tools in the core disciplines of wilderness living skills, field medicine, and vehicle maintenance and operation. Now it's up to your imagination to set up the expedition!


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Free Wilderness Survival Course tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: Keeping your fire going when faced with a downpour

As we all know fire is an integral part of Bushcraft and has many uses, not just to provide personal heat but also to cook over, purify our water, make our glue... the list goes on. But if we do not have a very well established fire a quick downpour can put all our efforts to waste. One of the tricks that we use is to build what we call a fire shelter.

Firstly you need to find four reasonably sized (double finger thick) forked sticks and drive them into the ground to form each corner of a square. Then rest two further sticks across from one fork to another, so that you have a square with two sides open, two closed.

This then provides a platform to lay thicker (arm thick) logs across. All of the sticks and logs should be green to prevent them from burning. This method will protect your fire from the elements but can also be used to store further wet kindling on top. As the heat from the fire rises it will help to dry out your fuel at the same time. Make sure you build the construction very sturdy though as you don't want it falling down and smothering your flames!

Jason Ingamells - Chief Wilderness Survival Course Instructor .

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Wilderness Survival Course